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and Jigsaw comprise a series of natural biochemical compounds which, when introduced into an aquatic environment, induce an involuntary feeding response among a wide variety of fish species.
Independent tests confirm that species stimulated to feed by 
Biosource and Jigsaw include, but are not limited to: barbel, bream, carp, F1 hybrids, perch, roach, and tench (UK tests); as well as bass, buffalo, catfish, shad, sunfish, and trout (US tests).


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Independent trials conducted by Sparsholt College (the UK's premier aquaculture research institution) confirm the 'Biosource Effect' for both
Biosource and Jigsaw. Click here for more details.

NEW: The groundbreaking 'Anglers Guide to Amino Acids' can be downloaded here
(.pdf, 1.6 MB).

During initial field trials, the incorporation of Biosource or Jigsaw treated baits within our testers' fishing strategies resulted in some truly spectacular results, as detailed at the Testimonials page. Simply stated, testers employing Biosource or Jigsaw impregnated baits out-fished neighboring anglers at rates of up to 3:1 during competition! Thus, the  Biosource and Jigsaw ranges of biostimulants represent a clear leap forward, in terms of bait preparation, with respect to consistently achieving every angler's  goal of  catching greater numbers of fish.

Anglers interested in learning more about the Biosource and/or Jigsaw biostimulants, as well their inventor, are encouraged to first review information published at the Background page; while a more detailed review of the scientific principles that underpin the Biosource and Jigsaw inventions and their application may be viewed at The Biosource Story and Product Info./FAQs pages. Additionally, video footage recorded during the development and testing of the Biosource and Jigsaw additives can be viewed at the Video Gallery; while pictures submitted by anglers using either Biosource or Jigsaw treated baits may be viewed at the Picture Gallery. Anglers may also review Preparation Tips, as well as submit Fishing Reports, detailing how specific Biosource or Jigsaw products affected  their catches, at these respective pages; while the Forum provides an outlet for discussion of Biosource / Jigsaw related topics. Additionally, a summary of results returned from an independent study featuring Biosource, conducted in collaboration with Sparsholt College - the UK's premier fisheries science institute, may be view here.

Products containing either the
Biosource or Jigsaw biostimulant have recently become available for sale through a select number of retail and wholesale outlets, with links to these distributors accessible through the Retail Products and Wholesalers & Retailers pages; while commercial entities, interested in applying for licensing agreements to manufacture and distribute products containing either the Biosource or Jigsaw additives, may learn more at the Commercial Licensing page.


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