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A limited number of manufacturing and distribution licenses and/or contracts will be issued to commercial entities wishing to manufacture (to their own specifications) and market products featuring the  Biosource and/or Impulse additives. Individual licenses will be granted on a regional and / or market specific basis, with demand within each sector ultimately governing the number of licensing agreements  issued.
In addition to being authorized to purchase wholesale amounts of the
Biosource / Impulse biostimulant(s); licensees will also receive complementary technical assistance from Biosource Baits Inc., with regard to developing application specific manufacturing  protocols, consistent with the proprietary information contained within the Biosource and/or Impulse patents; as well as permission to use the Biosource and/or Impulse logos and / or trademarks in association with any consumer related product packaging and / or advertising.
Biosource Baits Inc. business plan and overall marketing philosophy is designed to both meet the demands of the market for Biosource and Impulse products; while also developing strong, long term business relationships between Biosource Baits Inc. and a limited number of reputable manufacturers / distributors. Commercial entities interested in applying for a licensing agreement to manufacture and distribute Biosource or Impulse products should email sales@biosourcebaits.com for more information.
The following is a current list of  licensees; their product areas; and the territories they serve - individuals should contact the appropriate entity directly with regard to specific consumer product purchasing information.

Territory Product Line  Company  Contact details
UK / EU Carp and/or Match Fishing
United States Carp and Match Fishing Wacker Bait
and Tackle