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A nice 56 lb bag, including this Koi!


Des Taylor's Original SBS Baits, prior to going out of business in Dec 2011, fully tested, and were on the verge of putting to market, an exclusive line of Biosource treated products (including boilies, pellets and groundbaits). While these products, unfortunately, never made it to market, the research completed by Des and the SBS testers illustrate how exceptional these baits would have been...


SBS Testers' Notes (reverse chronological order)

Fished a new water with 15 anglers with only 3 anglers using 'B' there was only 5 fish caught around the lake to 25lbs but all caught on the B!!!!!!! Each fish was from a different part of the lake which made the catches even more impressive....The lads on the water not using 'B' were ripping there hair out! DES

We actually coated some standard csl pellets with "B" and put them at the top of the peg and within 10 minutes the barbel were clouding the water eating the pellets which is not the usual response to the pellets in such a short time??

First tests by Steve Harris the captain of SBS baits match team were very good with him winning the match with no one around him catching a thing! DES

When throw in the tank the carp reacted very strongly to the bait and ate it very quickly in fact on the drop which they don't normally do with fast sinking boilies?? This is great news... DES


Click here for more pictures of SBS Testers' catches