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A nice 56 lb bag, including this Koi!


These returns (either directly cut 'n paste from anglers' e-mails or linked to the actual formal reports) were submitted during the product launch stage of  Biosource marketing in the UK; and primarily relate to catches recorded between March and August of 2009. Reports submitted from anglers, during either early testing or with commercially available Biosource product(s), are detailed elsewhere - see appropriate links below.


Jamie T put his complementary pack of Biosource treated feed pellets to good use - securing a fine 43 pound net of carp for an Open match win! Click the below link to view Jamie's full report.

Jamie Report 1 (.pdf)

Jamie T put the scant remainder of his complementary pack of Biosource  treated feed pellets to good use - securing a hard earned 6 lb net of roach for second place in his next Open! Click the below link to view Jamie's full report.

Jamie Report 2 (.pdf)

Pat Mills and Trevor Burgess put a variety of Biosource  treated baits to good use, winning the 2nd Annual Steel City Challenge (held in Joliet, IL on March 28th 2009), with a top weight of ~61 lb (next best 23 lb)!


The session started off with me setting up my rods etc. and getting down to baiting up using some Biosource   feed along side with my own feed in PVA Mesh bags. I cast out all three of my rods and sat down preparing my bait for the next cast, 30mins in and my far right rod buzzed off doing a one toner and struck straight into a lovely 24lb Mirror Carp (PB!) shortly followed by a male 5lb Tench using the same tactic feeding the Biosource  Feed in small amounts, as suggested by the Biosource   Team - John Wezley


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