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A nice 56 lb bag, including this Koi!


PB Carp (20.14), part of a 80 lb (5 fish!) haul  from the Chicago lakefront


These reports (directly cut and paste from testers returns) were submitted during the early stages of  Biosource testing in the UK and mostly relate to catches recorded under cold water conditions (Nov 2007 - March 2008). Reports submitted from anglers, when using either their complementary samples or commercially available Biosource product(s), are detailed on subsequent pages.


AT THE WEIGH IN 85lb is in the LEAD 83lb IS SECOND BOTH ARE FRIDAY REGULARS ALL THE SUPER STARS ARE AROUND THE 30 TO 50lb. MY TURN 26 FISH FOR 138lb 13ozs – B.D., fishing at Gold Valley.

Had a pretty good day on the Chicago River, Three fish in the 20 lb range, largest was 24-5 (attached). Also has several smaller fish. Much greater average weight than I had the day before and also much greater than my companion fishing 10yds upstream - P.P., Chicago River. Full Report (.pdf)
I was a few pound just off the lake record!!! never mind always next time!!, nearly all the fish was below a pound apart from two of them was around 4 pound, many thanks Biosource!! - A.W.
(tester = 97 lb, next pegs = 60, 69 lb) Full report (.pdf), Second report (.pdf)
Fished last Saturday and won it with 58lb 3oz.. The angler to my left had 24lb for third and to my right had around 16lb - N.P., TF Spring Match at Border.
Sneaked out for a couple of midweek matches in the last couple of weeks and had a win and a 4th (section win) with 66lb and 35lb of carp using cubed meat LIGHTLY dusted with 'B' powder. I more than doubled the weights of anglers each side in both matches! - N.P.
I finished with 36 fish for 53lb 8oz which was enough for second in this sixty peg contest. I was only beaten by a weight of 60lb from pool 1 which consisted of 14 mirrors taken on the feeder. This result has got me into the Kamasan British Open which is contested by the 50 top points scorers in the country and will be at Woodlands Thirsk later this year. :-) - N.P. at Cudamore
38lb 6oz of tench, chub F1's and small carp along with a couple of 4lb bonus commons (Saturday) and 41lb 8oz (Sunday) with weights of 24lb to my left on saturday and 10lb and 15lb either side on sunday (by two anglers from Leicester Sensas practicing for the AT VDE Winter League semi final tomorrow) - N.P. at Cudamore.
On the Sunday I drew a decent area on the Suez canal and took 1st place in a 52 pegger with 53 smallish F1's, Mirrors and Tench for 50lb 8oz with anglers each side having 20lb and 23lb from swims which had both produced 40lb weights the previous day to take 1st and 2nd places in the match. I was well pleased with that as my swim had only thrown up 15lb – N.P. at Cudamore.

Species caught: Bream, (mainly) 1 roach and 2 perch, 1 small 3oz carp. Apart from the winner around the other end of the lake who had 40lb of carp, mine was the only carp caught at our end of the lake. The weight gave me second place overall - B.J. at Ivy House Lakes.

Species caught:  Roach, bream (6), tench (2), crucian (1), carp(1)- the carp was 2oz, the crucian  and bream about 1lb, the tench less than a lb. Predominantly roach. 3rd in match, 1st was 63lb, 2nd 38-12, both were carp weights. I fished 4mm expander and never saw a proper carp! BUT every time I put an expander on I had a bite, worm and corn produced bites if you waited, the pellet was almost instant. (The expanders had been doctored with a small amount of the 'B' solution I had made up). Most of the early fish came from the 10m line but as the match went on I was catching down the side with bites coming on the drop.- B.J. at Ivy House Lakes.