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The winter of 2007/8 was a truly wondrous time for us – literally every Monday morning we’d receive e-mail or on-line reports from the UK detailing how, during the previous weekend’s competition, our testers had, at times, tripled the weights of their next peg neighbors! It was now clear that the Biosource additive was indeed ‘for real’. Finding the ‘goose that lays golden eggs’ is one thing, deciding what to do with those eggs is entirely something else! Thus, it was at this time we decided that Biosource was really something we needed to share with the other anglers…

During this next, key phase of the project, our goals became two-fold: First, we needed to fine-tune the recipes supplied by our testers and, in doing so, come up with some viable embodiments suitable for incorporation into a range of commercial products. Now, it's important to acknowledge that the stimulatory effects of Biosource are highly concentration dependant, meaning that strict (patent pending) manufacturing protocols, developed 'in house' for use with specific products, must be rigorously employed. Second, we needed to develop a business plan that would not only allow us to provide our product to the angling public, but also safe-guard the details of our discovery. The first of these objectives was extremely rewarding, as we simply fished exclusively with Biosource treated baits over the 2008 season. Not only were we able to perfect a series of recipes and manufacturing protocols for an array of Biosource treated baits, but our results during this period were simply outstanding – I was able to capture both a personal best fish and biggest bag during the spring/summer, while Trev also recorded some truly outstanding catches (see below pics.):

Pat's PB Bag - 93 lb of carp and cats, taken from a suburban pond.

Pat's PB Carp (20.14), part of an 88 lb bag, taken from the Chicago Lakefront.

Trev with a  ton (101 lb) of 'natural' carp, taken from Braidwood Lake, IL

Catching so many fish during this period, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, also put us into something of a minor panic - we were becoming  increasingly paranoid that the identity of our 'magic' Biosource  (and later Jigsaw) formulas may be determined by others, especially since we were sending out test samples to a large number of anglers and other entities. To remedy this, and to quench our own insecurities, I spent the better part of the spring and early summer of 2008 writing a patent application for the Biosource feeding stimulant, with this document  being accepted by the US Patent Office (pat. pending status) in August of the same year. At the time of writing (2012), we have also completed and formally submitted a sister Biosource patent in the ER, as well as patents for our 'next generation' Jigsaw stimulant (details of which are discussed in more detail below) in both the USA and EU.

Interestingly, getting established bait manufacturers and/or distributors interested in Biosource proved to be quite a challenge at first. In hindsight, I’m not really surprised by this – I’m sure the ‘big boys’ receive multiple cold letters and e-mails from enthusiastic anglers claiming they’ve found the 'next big thing' on a near weekly basis, with, of course, essentially all of these claims proving to be dead-ends. Thus, we initially decided to pursue a completely different marketing strategy than the norm: Basically, we found ourselves in a unique situation – we had a product we knew worked, but without the benefit of a larger company’s manufacturing and distribution resources, how would we ever succeed in ‘getting the word out’ to other anglers? The answer seemed deceptively simple - we decided to invest in a ‘grass roots’ strategy of distributing sample packs of Biosource treated pellets directly to anglers free of charge, knowing that their resultant success with the product would drive later sales. In this regard we were very fortunate to develop a business relationship with M&M Vermiculture. We later signed an exclusive, more comprehensive, manufacturing and distribution contract with Des Taylor / Original SBS Baits. Unfortunately, prior to the launch of a dedicated, fully researched / tested range of carp, match and general coarse fishing products (in the Spring of 2012), Original SBS was forced to cease trading. Fortunately, the SBS testers' success with a variety of Biosource treated baits (including venue records at The Avenue and several carp to better than 50lb across Europe) subsequently generated some interest in the product from a variety of other manufacturers eager to test 'B' for themselves.

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