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Testing, Testing...

Since we really had no idea of where to start with regard to inclusion levels, the results of our first on-the-water efforts were, to say the least(!), quite mixed. We tried all manner of applications, including soaking a solution of our  Biosource prototype directly into clay pellets (kitty litter) and adding larger amounts of the additive directly to groundbait. In each case we had a ‘burst’ of activity for around 15 minutes, sometimes very frenetic – on one occasion a catfish severely tangled itself in Trev’s feeder rig (see below pic.), while during the same session Trev reeled in a catfish, only to have another one (of only slightly greater size) try and eat it on the way in - for a moment, Trev was swinging in a pair of fish! These results were a side effect of using way too much of the additive in our groundbait – the fish were basically going berserk as a massive plume of stimulant filled the swim. The effect died off after 15 mins. or so, with little or no more fish being caught there after. Obviously, this was not the best application, so I started a parallel study with some carp I was keeping in aquariums at home – these tank tests yielded some very interesting findings and subsequently allowed us to hone in on the lower limit of stimulation and, much later, demonstrate that Biosource soaked pellets worked phenomenally well! Anyway, back to the groundbait - we kept cutting down the dose until we found an optimal ‘per kg of groundbait amount’ which, in turn, gave the same 15 min burst of activity, but with the fish not going too 'mad', with the effect being sustainable almost indefinitely if walnut sized nuggets of groundbait were introduced ~ each put in. We really realized we were onto something in November of 2007, when Trev and his wife Violet fished adjacent pegs at the USAs nearest thing to a UK commercial – a small lake with lots of carp in the 1 – 2 pound range. Violet fished with prototype Biosource treated groundbait, with Trev opting for an untreated ‘normal’ version (similar rigs and hook baits were also used). Violet caught a fish a chuck (10 or so in total) before a fishless Trev just couldn’t take it any longer and nabbed some of her groundbait! His swim immediately came to life – his first bite came within 30 seconds of potting in a small cup full of the treated groundbait. The happy duo ended up catching a ‘shed full’ between them that day, all taken over groundbait treated with a prototype of our Biosource feeding stimulant! Unfortunately, that was as long as we could fish that year, as everything iced over a couple of weeks later. However, having confirmed to ourselves that we were really onto something, our next step was to get some field testing done in the UK……

Trev’s ‘Tangled Cat’

Various strength stimulant solutions, as used in initial tank tests

The basement ‘lab’

In December 2007 I started to look around for some reliable ‘under the radar’ testers back in the UK. We were really lucky to get Neil P., Barry D. and Bryan J. sign up – all great guys who loyally returned tester sheets and kept everything on the ‘down low’. Neil in particular saw his results (and winnings) climb dramatically, even managing to qualify for the Kamasan British Open for the first time – a true testament to his much improved consistency over a good number of high turnout events! The best thing about Neil’s efforts was that he kept changing things around in a systematic way until he hit on what we now consider to be the perfect dosage – a recipe that now forms the basis of the manufacturing protocols developed for feed pellets and other embodiments! Feeding Biosource soaked micros, in conjunction with a simple expander pellet or corn hook bait, resulted in some truly stunning results from Neil and others – often recorded during big events with ‘Star’ anglers in the field. Here are a few side by side peg weight comparisons taken directly from their respective reports - others may be viewed at the Testimonials page:

AT THE WEIGH IN 85lb is in the LEAD 83lb IS SECOND BOTH ARE FRIDAY REGULARS ALL THE SUPER STARS ARE AROUND THE 30 TO 50lb. MY TURN 26 FISH FOR 138lb 13ozs – Barry, fishing at Gold Valley.

Fished last Saturday and won it with 58lb 3oz.. The angler to my left had 24lb for third and to my right had around 16lb - Neil at TF Spring Match at Border

I finished with 36 fish for 53lb 8oz which was enough for second in this sixty peg contest. I was only beaten by a weight of 60lb from pool 1 which consisted of 14 mirrors taken on the feeder. This result has got me into the Kamasan British Open which is contested by the 50 top points scorers in the country and will be at Woodlands Thirsk later this year. :-)

38lb 6oz of tench, chub F1's and small carp along with a couple of 4lb bonus commons (Saturday) and 41lb 8oz (Sunday) with weights of 24lb to my left on saturday and 10lb and 15lb either side on sunday (by two anglers from Leicester Sensas practicing for the AT VDE Winter League semi final tomorrow).

On the Sunday it got better still as I drew a decent area on the Suez canal and took 1st place in a 52 pegger with 53 smallish F1's, Mirrors and Tench for 50lb 8oz with anglers each side having 20lb and 23lb from swims which had both produced 40lb weights the previous day to take 1st and 2nd places in the match. I was well pleased with that as my swim had only thrown up 15lb – Neil at Cudamore.
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